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July 17, 2014
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August 15, 2014

Where can I get Good Training?


movie_directors_equipment_12452 Where can I get Good Training? Where can I get Good Training? movie directors equipment 12452When it comes to becoming good at a craft, my philosophy for seeking out good teachers is always the same. No matter what one is trying to learn, a good coach will teach them skills so that they have tools they can use and count on to be a strong performer, athlete, writer, seamstress or whatever it may be.  For example, if my child wants to be a ballerina, I will opt every time for the whole in the wall studio with a teacher from a legitimate dance company who turns out strong talent and will give my child good training.

I will always choose this over a frilly studio whose only goal is to put her in an expensive costume and teach her the same dance over and over for an entire year for a recital. I want her to get good training so she can dance any dance well. With the exception of young children, who should just be having experiences and a good time, or a first experience strictly for exposure to see if my child likes an activity, I try and find a network of coaches who are good trainers. I don’t like bullies. Some very talented people who have the experience and skill to teach children have forgotten what it’s like to be a kid and push them or worse. I prefer to hire teachers who have the ability to relate to and connect with kids who use better methods than bullying to reach my children.   I’m all for a final performance but only when it is putting training to work and is the culmination and experience of good solid training.

If you are in the Raleigh area the number one acting coach is Estes Tarver. He is expanding his class offerings and I will have the privilege of teaching his youngest class ages 4-7 as well as an intro to acting class for older kids at his studio, Moonlight Stage Company. You can find his class offerings at

MoonlightStagelightCo Where can I get Good Training? Where can I get Good Training? MoonlightStagelightCo

Update November 24, 2014:

I just completed teaching incredible, fall semester,  Acting I students, ages 11-14 at Moonlight Stage Co. in Raleigh. In addition to Acting I, I’m slated to teach Acting II students ages 12-15 in the spring. Estes Tarver’s, Moonlight Stage Co. offers classes for ages 4 to adult. As demand increases, and my time permits, I would love to teach the younger acting classes as well. Spring registration opens today and classes are filling. If you are in the Raleigh area,  visit to learn more about class offerings, the staff, and to register today!


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