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January 19, 2016
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January 25, 2016

THE DRESS Is On Super Sale Right Now!!


THE DRESS Is On Super Sale Right Now!!

NeelyinTheDress  THE DRESS Is On Super Sale Right Now!! NeelyinTheDress

Neely in “THE DRESS” by Mayoral

Readers recently asked where I got my little girls clothes for our Christmas card Picture and where I shop for them in general. While I’m no fashionista I’m always happy to share!

I do like to shop at specific places but like many of you it’s a physical assault on my conscience to pay full price. I have several tricks up my sleeve to buy top quality clothing at a fraction of the cost. I love Suzanne Stewart’s unique children’s boutique, Pattywhacks, with “adorable children’s clothing from fun to fancy in Cary, NC.She carries the burlap hair-bows I like as well as Wee Ones hair-bows my girls often wear. She also keeps L’amour T- strap shoes in Navy that go with everything and, along with the Red, are staples in my girls’ closet. I picked up the ruched, burnt red-orange; Mustard Pie jacket Neely wore in our family pictures on Suzanne’s awesome sidewalk sale rack. That’s when I also picked up “THE DRESS”. I used a coupon for 20% off to purchase this Mayoral, faux wool, more like flannel, light blue, tan and cream buffalo check dress with lovely lining and pin-tucked cap sleeves. It was the last one and had Neely written all over it. When we put the Christmas dresses away for the year, Neely put it on and she and “THE DRESS” were a match made in heaven. The only trouble was Ava loved it too.  Neely loved it so much she wanted to wear it everyday, all the time, including to preschool. She was living in it. Payton said, “Isn’t it fantastic that her favorite dress is our favorite dress?” Out of desperation I searched the brand “Mayoral” and the description of the dress on-line and hit the jackpot! The dress was available in both my girls’ sizes, in three different color pallets, on a super sale at

Unless I need something special, I typically buy clothing a year in advance so I can dress my  kids at a fraction of the cost. I stumbled upon the Children Salon site just in the nick of time. DressesIntheBox  THE DRESS Is On Super Sale Right Now!! DressesIntheBoxWhen my package, with its lovely presentation, wrapped in store-branded tissue paper, arrived just four days after I placed my order, I reassured Spencer that the purchase was made prior to our commitment to save as much cash as possible to buy our land. Not only did I snag the blue for Ava to wear now, I purchased an additional size for Neely so they can size up and wear them again next year. IMG_7590  THE DRESS Is On Super Sale Right Now!! IMG 7590I bought each of them the pink to fit for the next two years as well as red, a size big, they can wear now and again next year.  I even ordered pink Mayoral cotton bubble dresses with a tulle overlay for the girls for Easter. The silver sequins give it a winter touch but the floral design on the tulle, the color pink, the short sleeves and the price made them perfect for Easter! Unless you bought your Easter clothing last year, now is the time to be shopping for them.

GirlsinTheDress  THE DRESS Is On Super Sale Right Now!! GirlsinTheDress

My girls wearing amour T- strap shoes in Navy from Pattywhacks

Children Salon has a lovely history with it’s founder, Sybil Harriman and her French husband Rene, opening the shop in the 1950’s to sell beautiful wares like the ones she created for her own six children. They not only outfitted high profile children where they lived in England, but they also dressed children of the world’s royals and celebrities. Now the company sells top brands, but have amazing sales, and there are still 13 members of the original family who, with a large staff, bring Children Salon to your doorstep. It’s important to note that the dress runs a tiny bit small so if you’re between sizes size up. Also, once you select your country, the site does the price conversion automatically, but my bank still charged me a small fee as typical for international sales. Good news; Pattywhacks is also happy to take orders by phone and ship you anything you see on their Facebook page.

Happy Shopping!

Banner-SalonRect  THE DRESS Is On Super Sale Right Now!! Banner SalonRect

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