Terminator Genisys, The Quintessential Hollywood Movie Premiere
July 3, 2015
New Years Resolutions and my “Victory Garden”
January 19, 2016

Prince Family Wishing All Happy New Year 2016!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year my wonderful Family and Friends!



For me, Christmas is a time for nostalgia, deep-rooted traditions and sentimentality, a season to reflect and reminisce on the year as it comes to a close. New Years is a time to look to the future. As I ponder my New Years’ resolutions, I find they are the same as last year. I resolve to continue, and increase my efforts, to help feed the hungry.

While there are worthy causes to feed people all over the world, I will continue to focus my efforts in my own community. My focus is on the less obvious faces of hunger, for it remains much closer than we think. I thank you in advance for your readership as it raises my level of accountability. I plan to share my progress with you only to build support for the cause and remain accountable. Therefore, my next post will include a full report of what I was able to accomplish in 2015 to combat it, and share my strategies to bring an end to this, hidden hunger.

The 2015 Prince Family Year in Review

This year was filled with adventure, adversity and triumph. My father passed away in March. In October we moved my mother from the nursing home she was in where her sweet sister works, back to NC because my aunt is retiring, the facility closing, and we missed her too much! We’re delighted that several members of our extended family relocated to NC in 2015 and have been spending a good deal of time with them at their house on the lake!  

Spencer moved his business, Provident Retirement Group, just a few miles, conveniently to our new town. I’m so pleased for he and his assistant to be in such a lovely office.

Despite seven procedures and surgeries this year, I was able to successfully complete teaching two sessions of acting classes at Moonlight Stage Co. in Raleigh. My most recent surgery was on my ankle in mid-December and really made things difficult for me to be ready for Christmas. My Christmas cards have yet to be mailed! I expect perfect health in 2016!

PaytonPrince2016  Prince Family Wishing All Happy New Year 2016! PaytonPrince2016Payton (17) did two plays, two professional acting jobs, played Lacrosse, got her driver’s license, juggled AP classes, toured with her choir to Disney World, and works as a hostess

Bryant (14) also played Lacrosse, earned his Eagle Scout, started Basketball, and launched his new movie “Terminator Genysis”.

BryantPrince2016  Prince Family Wishing All Happy New Year 2016! BryantPrince2016

NeelyPrince2016  Prince Family Wishing All Happy New Year 2016! NeelyPrince2016Neely (4) in Pre-K, enjoyed dance, gymnastics, and musical theatre class. She begged a year for an agent so she could do movies like her brother. I finally let her; she booked her first try, and can be heard on the radio.

Ava (2) with her sunny disposition, wants to do everything Neely does. She’s old enough for Gymnastics so we started there.  AvaPrince2016  Prince Family Wishing All Happy New Year 2016! AvaPrince2016

We acknowledge the Savior in all things and rejoice in the reason for the season.

We’re thankful for you & love you.   

Merry Christmas!



Our Special Christmas Memory

Each Christmas my family and I are asked spontaneously to sing for family and friends at annual Christmas gatherings. Sometimes we sing a Cratchet song, Written by Ira David Wood III called, “Once a Year” from his musical version of Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol”. We participated in the show several times in years past. We sing the song just like the Cratchets in the play but a capella. I sing “together”, then Payton then Bryant then Neely and Ava sing it last just like Tiny Tim in the play.  On Christmas day we were blessed to be packed to the brim, totally sleepless and exhausted from being elves throughout the night as our big kids even came to the rescue to put unexpected things together for our littles. It was the end of the day, with a migraine starting, when I was finally able to make it to the nursing home where my sweet mother, now ravaged with Alzheimer’s, lives. I was crushed to learn she was already in bed and my family and I slipped in anyway. She was still awake. I was searching for a way to make this late visit meaningful, and we began to sing Christmas Hymns in harmony.

We sang “Noel”, “Joy to the World” and “Silent Night”. Then, even Spencer sang “Once A Year” with us. As my whole family sang that song to her it resonated with each of us. We could feel such a sweet and glorious spirit of love fill the room. We each dug deep to hold back the tears and sing the beautiful harmonies of Mr. Wood’s sweet and tender song to our frail and angelic Nana. While she lay in bed, gazing deeply into my eyes without the ability to communicate, all thoughts of my headache or myself were lost, lost in this moment. Our sweet song helped me reminisce about all the wonderful Christmases and vivid memories I have with her. I feel so grateful for them now. I believe with all my heart that she was feeling as deeply as we were, as she stayed transfixed on me.  As I sat at her bedside tenderly holding her hand and stroking her hair, surrounded by Spencer and our children, it was reaffirmed to me that this is what Christmas is all about. I was so grateful to have this precious way to make our visit meaningful for her and for us. We will never forget it. I have always loved the song. I relate its message of love and devotion to my own experiences of emotional healing at Christmas time. Now this song has even greater meaning for me. I will treasure this Christmas moment always as my mother and I continue our “long goodbye”.


Once a Year By David Ira Wood III

“Once a year we may have this time to spend together. Once a year we look back to see ourselves together. May Christmas time in us abide and Christmas love flow deep and wide at this very, very special time, that’s what we’re really thankful for, when Christmas comes once a year.

A Place for us, and safe within we spend this time together . We’re not alone. With heart and mind we reach to find each other. Bless other hearts that need it now. Let them know your love some how, for even in the darkest night, we’ll find God’s love in heaven’s light, when Christmas comes once a year.

God bless our home with Christmas cheer, and all the friends and family near at this very, very special time, that’s what we’re really thankful for, When Christmas, and family, Christmas, with Joy and peace, when Christmas comes once a year.”




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