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September 1, 2014
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Prince Chronicles Debut Celebration


Incredible women surround me. Truth be told, it’s support from women like these that gives me the courage to very publicly blog the happenings in my life. It’s a vulnerable feeling to put myself out there in this way but my motivations to share my experiences outweigh my fears.

An-army-of-support-for-Melanie-Edit Prince Chronicles Debut Celebration Prince Chronicles Debut Celebration An army of supprt for Melanie Edit


To commemorate the debut and launch of my blog Prince Chronicles, I had a celebration. How often do we as women celebrate our accomplishments? All too often I focus on the things I don’t complete rather than the many incredible tasks I do each and every day. When I got the idea to have this gathering I was left with just three days to plan and execute with the party on the fourth. In order to give my guests enough headway, I immediately sent out the evite. I knew the next three days were chock-full of morning to night obligations. Since party planning and execution have always been a strength for me, I was not discouraged or swayed when an urgent audition for a pilot came through for both Payton and Bryant.  I knew on the outset that I would not be able to devote a moment to shopping for or planning the event until I finished teaching my acting class the eve of this Blog launch and luncheon.

Laurie-far-right,-drove-2 Prince Chronicles Debut Celebration Prince Chronicles Debut Celebration Laurie far right drove 2I refer to my process of taking one thing at a time in the order of importance and giving it my full focus until I complete it and move to the next most important task, as decompartmentalization. I tried having a conversation about the food I planned to serve at the party just before I taught my class and not only did I not have a plan but it was as if my brain could not free up space for me to figure out a menu until I completed teaching my young actors. I gave them my full attention and after class pulled into the shopping center parking lot and in the quiet of my car wrote out a menu for the party;

Chicken Salad, Caesar Salad, Kale Salad, Fruit tray, Veggie Tray Rolls, Chocolate Bundt cake, madeline’s and pink lemonade with mint leaves.

When I walked into my home just after the Mr. at 9:45 PM he had worked late and our family had not had dinner. I jotted down a list of party preparations so that I could visually see it and get them out of my head and did the most pressing thing; I fixed dinner for my family. Then Spencer put the kids to bed and I had the run of the house. I felt excited and energized to be doing what I enjoy. As I created party favors, baked cakes, fixed chicken salad, prepared raffle prizes, cleaned house and arranged furniture I was thrilled with anticipation for the big day. Not just a party but a day that commemorates achieving a goal. Elated to be embarking on a new adventure with my dear friend Diane Helbling who, among other things, has done all things technical for the blog.  I stayed up entirely too late and set my alarm to wake up three hours prior to my guests’ arrival so that I could use at least one hour to do a few small things prior to the luncheon.

My-little-crew Prince Chronicles Debut Celebration Prince Chronicles Debut Celebration My little crew

It’s not clear if I was starved for sleep and turned off the alarm without the benefit of consciousness or if I was too exhausted to properly set my alarm clock prior to falling to sleep but either way I woke up with far too little time to get myself and the little girls ready and finish the preparations for the party. Friends arrived and with frizzy hair and unfinished makeup I answered the door. The food was not completed the table and decorations were not arranged and background music did not fill the air. I pushed back feelings of failure and defeat and as I greeted my guests I thought of the strong women in my life and the lessons I’ve learned about accepting help, my imperfections and not sweating the small stuff.  Quick to my rescue my prompt friends took charge and soon the party was underway. Despite the rough start, it was a glorious event. Glorious because of the outpouring of support I received from dear friends. Even with my inefficiencies, all had a good time and I was able to have an army of women stand with me and rally around me to give me the courage I need to be open and vulnerable and public about many aspects of my life through Prince Chronicles.

Melanie-with-Blog-Logo Prince Chronicles Debut Celebration Prince Chronicles Debut Celebration Melanie with Blog LogoWhile I wouldn’t want to experience the anxiety of not being ready when my guests arrived again, I’m grateful for all that this experience allowed me to contemplate. Contemplate how we need to be gentler with ourselves. How we need to help each other and accept help too.  Women should be able to rely on one another and build each other up. We should be able to ask for help and encouragement when we need it. I could never do all that I do without the many women in my life. Women need women. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank the women in my life for the love, support and guidance you give me each and every day.

As promised, here is my chicken salad recipe requested by some of my lady friends Enjoy!



Party Menu Chicken Salad, Caesar Salad, Kale Salad, Fruit tray, Veggie Tray Rolls, Chocolate Bundt cake, Madeline’s and pink lemonade with mint leaves.  Prince Chronicles Debut Celebration Prince Chronicles Debut Celebration The Table

Melanie’s Chicken Salad  – Party Sized

  •  5 lbs Chicken Breast boiled/cooked cooled and shredded
  • 4-6 Stalks (sticks) of Celery Diced
  • 1C (two cans) Diced Water Chestnuts
  • 1C Slivered almonds
  • ½t Onion powder (more if you like)
  • ½t Garlic powder (more if you like)
  • ¼ t coarsely ground pepper (more if you like)
  • Salt to taste
  • Optional – Finely chopped bunch of fresh Dill
  • 1.5-2 C Mayonnaise (use to desired consistency)

Directions:   Toss all ingredients but mayonnaise together in a large and deep mixing bowl. Add Mayonnaise to desired consistency. Cover and refrigerate for at least one hour. Remove from refrigerator and stir the chicken salad. Add additional mayonnaise salt and pepper to taste.

Serve from a lovely bowl with fresh rolls or atop a bed of Romaine lettuce.



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  1. Angie Staheli says:

    What an excellent party it was. And your heart was in every detail. You are loved by so many. Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

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