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December 12, 2014
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Merry Christmas!


Merriest Christmas evening my treasured friends and family;

Family-withSanta  Merry Christmas! Family withSantaThere are so many things I’m grateful for this Christmas Day. One is that my 13-year-old son was still sleepless last night, like he is every Christmas eve, as he anxiously hoped for Christmas wishes realized. I also loved gathering as a family around Neely and Ava’s bed for family prayer and singing the lullaby I sing to them, once each year,  the night before Christmas. As I knelt in their quiet and dimly lit room, I realized that my littles are only beginning to develop expectations of our holiday customs. I love how deeply rooted our holiday traditions are that I need only call out “Find the pickle”, and everyone comes running from all ends of the house. It’s worth watching my meticulously decorated Christmas tree come undone as their competitive natures collide. There were Santa cookies and the nativity we enjoy every year with three other families. We read from Luke chapter 2.  It’s a practice my mother started with her grandchildren when I was a young mother and I have continued it. My children do not recall a Christmas when we did not portray the holy family in some way.  I regret the irreverence I displayed as I laughed audibly at little Ava who stole our attention away from the written word.  She did anything but sit demurely with Mary, in her reprising role, as baby Jesus.

Girls-WithSanta  Merry Christmas! Girls WithSantaI will avoid creating undue suspense and announce now that my New Year’s resolution this year is to combat hunger in our nation and in my community. I’ve been saddened recently to learn that people I love suffer from this. Hunger is closer than we think. I intend to devote an enormous amount of energy to this cause. I am working now to find new ways to address this issue on a very personal level. I am concerned this problem may increase by monumental proportions in the coming years. As I share my strategy to fight this surge I hope you will catch the spirit of it and take action with me. There will be much more about this on the blog at www.princechronicles.com

This year I made the difficult decision to send you our Christmas card digitally.  Most of the thank you notes I write I send this way so I’m putting sentimentality aside and trying something new this year. Please find the Prince family year in review here: ChistmasNewsletter-2014

Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Thank you for reading!   Melanie





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  1. Nancy Goe says:

    Thank you, Melanie, for sharing with us your family and friend activities. I am especially interested in your ideas in helping the poor. I want to be a part of this, so keep me posted.

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