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February 8, 2015
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June 28, 2015

Where has Melanie Prince been for the Last Four Months?


Has Melanie given up her blog? Where has she been the last four months?

I have dearly missed writing for the blog and my relationship with you. I’m thrilled to be with you again, contributing to the blog as I update you, and respond to your inquiries. To get my writing juices flowing again, I decided to read through some past lifestyle posts. There was a theme, an overall feeling of an overwhelmed, overscheduled self.  Sometimes life forces us to stop. Read on to see what stopped me…

NeelyPrince melanie prince Where has Melanie Prince been for the Last Four Months? NeelyPrince

Neely Prince, 1st Ballet Dance Recital

I was teaching a class when a pain in my stomach forced me to sit down. I apologized to my acting students, as I normally am an active participant, and physically engaged, in all that we are creating. I had been suffering since January 16, 2015 with ongoing, annoying, symptoms of my Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), but this pain was new. A feeling I described as my diaphragm eating my stomach. It passed and I ignored it. I was totally focused on my PCOS symptoms and taking an exorbitant amount of hormones to get me to a functional level. I ended up having a routine procedure that did little good and had to stay on high doses of hormones.  What I didn’t know then, was that I was having a reaction to the medication that sucked all energy from me. At my lowest point, I was unable to get out of bed for seven days straight. Although a snow storm helped to keep schedules to a minimum, my husband was beside himself.  Our family dynamics require all we both can give, to keep things in motion.

The tummy pain, obviously from a different source than PCOS, was back. I went to my primary care doctor and she ran some tests. The evening of February 28, 2015, still waiting on results from my labs, I was on a call with Mama Prince. Weary from having no energy and no real answers, I told her, “If my labs come back normal I’m going to admit myself into the ER.”  I made my way to the ER sooner than planned. That very night my husband found me in the bathroom, unresponsive and not breathing. What a fright, poor Spencer! I was taken by ambulance and tests showed no explanation for my life being in danger. They did however find gallstones so I was scheduled for surgery and a repeat routine procedure for my PCOS symptoms.  We waved the white flag and called in reinforcements. Mama Prince came to the rescue and stayed for two full weeks! While waiting for surgery I learned my father passed away.

Spencer Prince, Payton Prince, Neely Prince, Melanie Prince, Ava Prince melanie prince Where has Melanie Prince been for the Last Four Months? PrinceFamily

Mama Prince with Spencer, Payton, Neely, Melanie and Ava

I don’t live near a single one of my 6 brothers and had not told them of my recent heath challenges. They agreed to hold the memorial once I was cleared to fly.  I didn’t feel strong enough after gallbladder surgery to travel but I love my dad so I wouldn’t miss his service, so I went anyway. In an unfortunate turn of events, and with no fault of his own, Spencer flew on a direct flight separate from the rest of us and I traveled with all of our children, alone. Despite my teenager’s help, the physical demands of the trip were too much. My resistance was low and I ended up getting such a severe bronchial infection that I thought I had Pneumonia. Two rounds of antibiotics led to a secondary infection and I was beyond miserable after I returned home. My entire family was ill.

All who know me well, know that I begrudgingly do our business taxes each year. Because I do not have time to do the book keeping on a regular basis, I am often bombarded at tax time. The April 15th deadline was fast approaching. The moment I recovered from my infection, all the while drowning in taxes, my tooth began to bother me. It quickly became a debilitating nightmare. My abscess was so painful I was unable to sleep for days. Caused by a failed root canal, it was a miracle that the tooth could be saved. Then came word that a young father and friend was hit by a car while jogging with his wife in our town.

We belong to a tight knit community and congregation and Derek Davis was part of both. The grief I felt when he succumbed to his injuries was deeper than the loss of his life alone. Severe guilt and anguish over watching his sweet wife, my friend, suffer through what has been one of my worst fears, brought new meaning to bearing one another’s burdens. Sorrow kept me hidden in my house as I witnessed her gracefully carrying on. She still is.

As a follow up to my close call I have had several additional medical tests. I’m thrilled to report that my heart is healthy. I was given an endoscopy for chronic acid reflux, responsible for the deterioration of my singing voice. The procedure gave me a month long sore throat. First impressions from the GI doctor were that all was well because she only found mild irritation. Sadly, lab results showed signs of Barrett’s Esophagus and my hopes that my singing voice can return to its pre-third pregnancy days diminished. I’m scheduled to meet with the best ENT and Vocal performance doctors Duke has to offer and I remain optimistic. News came that another, much older friend, unexpectedly, passed away.

BryanPrince-EagleScout melanie prince Where has Melanie Prince been for the Last Four Months? BryanPrince EagleScout

Bryant with fellow Eagle Scouts, Ben and James

Happy things kept me away as well.  Payton was in her high school musical and played varsity Lacrosse. Her time was limited and we were often in seats supporting her. Bryant had a self-imposed deadline to earn the Boy Scout Eagle Rank and award by June 10, 2015 to be able to have his Eagle Court of Honor with his best friends. The last six months was like a scouting marathon but he did it!  He completed an Eagle Service Project, with the help of many, to build and place bird feeders in a facility for Alzheimer’s patients.  We also enjoyed supporting Neely as she participated in her first ballet production.  She stole the show and our hearts as a beautiful ballet bird! Spencer’s company, Provident Retirement Group is thriving. He just expanded his office and I have been busy helping with that.

I appreciate the kindness of others who were a soft place to land when my best wasn’t enough. I’m grateful for the lessons “adversity” has taught me. A long time ago, adversity taught me to set aside pride to reach out and ask for and accept offers of help. This time, adversity taught me the importance of recognizing my limitations, for oh how limited I have been!  I am thankful to have made it through another rough patch and I couldn’t have done it without the many people that came to our rescue with meals, transportation, care and much more.  Thank you.  Watch for another blog post soon, as I am looking forward to sharing more with you as we prepare for the premier of Bryant’s next film, Terminator Genysis.

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  1. marnie says:

    Goodness Gracious dear cousin!!! You have been through the wringer!!!! My prayers and thoughts and lots of love are with you and the family. I am so glad to hear that you are ok now and I pray you continue to be! You are one tough cookie! We were at the movies and saw the preview for Terminator and saw darling Bryant!!! I yelled, ‘Thats my little cousin”!!!!! LOL!
    Let me know when you will be in California, as I would love to see you.
    Love you and pray for continued good health. Give my love to your wonderful family.

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