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June 23, 2015
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July 3, 2015

Getting Red Carpet Ready for Terminator Genisys Premiere


Bryant is so happy he joined the cast of, “Terminator Genisys” in his small but significant role, Young Kyle Reese, and will be with them again this weekend to help roll out this fifth installment of the Terminator Series opening to general audiences July 1, 2015.

Cori Lynn, Stylist for Prince Family terminator genisys Getting Red Carpet Ready for Terminator Genisys Premiere CoriLynn

Cori Lynn of www.dresscorilynn.com

To style my family for this Hollywood affair, including the red carpet, premier, and after party, I turned to none other than, the Seattle clothing designer, style blogger, wife, mother of four and my friend, Cori Lynn of www.dresscorilynn.com.  She and I go all the way back to adolescence and her family has had a major influence on mine.

In addition to the red carpet being synonymous with fortune, glamour and fame, it serves many vital purposes in the industry. For example, an up-and-comer like Bryant can talk with journalists on the red carpet, from a plethora of news outlets and gain momentum in his budding career.  Celebrity cast members, contractually arrive to promote their film by showing up to the red carpet to talk about the project and draw the media frenzy. For us the red carpet is a celebration of the work Bryant has done and great anticipation to see it all come to life for the first time on the big screen.

I am no fashion expert. In fact I don’t even feel confident speaking about fashion so I will leave that to Cori. I do however, out of respect for the life work of others, insist that our family dress in ways that support the events we attend. There has been a time or two when one of my children has asked, “Other people are wearing jeans, why can’t we?” My response is always the same, “We are the Prince Family, we come dressed because we know the effort and time required of those who are entertaining us.” I don’t want to sound snobbish. I never feel an air of judgement towards those who come to live theater productions more casually dressed. I do feel dressing appropriately is an important life skill though and it’s worked out.  Now my family is all on-board to dress for occasions. After working with Cori on this project, I learned that there is such a thing as dress or “formal” jeans. (See Spencer’s Style Board below) Who knew?

Spencer Prince Style for Red Carpet terminator genisys Getting Red Carpet Ready for Terminator Genisys Premiere SpencerPrince RedCarpetStyle

Fashion Board for Spencer

Cori has been so generous with her gifts and talents and is extremely didactic so I have learned a ton about fashion and style in the last couple of weeks. How fast she turned out her fashion boards was so helpful.  First, because stores actually sell out of merchandise in a blink, like the floral clutch she picked for Payton. Second, because as I’ve mentioned before, and plan to blog about again, productions do most things last minute.  We had just under two weeks to pull this all together. Cori and I texted, emailed, sent pics, and she even joined us, via FaceTime, for a fitting at my favorite local tailor fairies. We shopped, we shipped and relied on Diane in Nashville, to pick up and mail pieces for Payton that were sold out online and where we live.

Payton Prince Red Carpet Style terminator genisys Getting Red Carpet Ready for Terminator Genisys Premiere PaytonPrince RedCarpetSytle

Fashion Board for Payton

Cori Lynn provided fashion boards for each one of us with two or three choices each. Nailed it!! One of mine was not pictured because it was something we discussed from my closet. Everyone was so excited about there choices. It was important to her that the kids dressed age appropriate and that we all felt comfortable in our wardrobe. Cori is an incredibly savvy shopper and able to find great prices that surprised, even the shoe attendant at Nordstrom. We all instantly knew the look we were each going with.

Bryant Prince Red Carpet Style terminator genisys Getting Red Carpet Ready for Terminator Genisys Premiere BryantPrince RedCarpetStyle

Fashion Board for Bryant

Prince Family on Red Carpet terminator genisys Getting Red Carpet Ready for Terminator Genisys Premiere AvaPrince GettingReady

Ava Helping us Shop

Preparing for the trip was intense because not only were we planning for a big event but I had to organize my life at home so someone else could step in for me with my little girls. Clean the house, do the laundry, shop for groceries, clean the car, pay the bills, run endless errands and plan all the details of the trip were just a few of the things that have kept me running every minute of every day for the past two weeks.  To help my girl’s count the days I would be gone I bought them gifts to open each day.

Tiffany Eastley with Ava and Neely terminator genisys Getting Red Carpet Ready for Terminator Genisys Premiere Ava Neely Tiffany

Tiffany Eastley with Neely and Ava

My littles are in the capable hands of one of my dearest friends Tiffany. They have been super excited to play with Tiff and her family. I owe her so big! To top it all off, as I was leaving she said, “No guilt. Just have fun. Get in the car, the party starts now.” As I looked at her and my girls waving to me from my front door, I realized that we have to give ourselves permission to have a good time and choose not to feel guilt. I pushed the guilt away and am on my way to LA! With Spencer away on business this week and meeting us in SoCal, it made Tiffany and Cori all the bigger help to me! What a blessing and gift!



Prince Family Red Carpet terminator genisys Getting Red Carpet Ready for Terminator Genisys Premiere NeelyPrinced GettingReady

Neely Getting Red Carpet Ready

If Neely knew the details of our trip she would want to come because in theory she would love it, but in all honesty there is nothing but a long road trip in it for her. Her time will come. She just started asking me to do movies too. I’m choosing to buy some time by signing her up for a musical performance class with Broadway veteran Ray Walker. Ava, although she is just two, is already seeking out every opportunity to sing and dance for us. Heaven help me if they all choose to do the movie biz! So no guilt! They are safe and I’m sure happily putting on shows for “Tiffy”. They are home having an adventure of their own. Thank you Tiffany!!

Spoiler alert; I chose the look Cori created for me. I was amazed at how easy it was. I loved it, I ordered it, it arrived and fit! When asked what luxury service I would choose if I could, it’s always been a toss-up between laundress and cook. Not that I don’t enjoy cooking, I do. My luxury cook would be a nutritionist too so we could eat super healthy meals and be phenomenally fit. I must say that this experience with Cori Lynn put a personal stylist right at the top of my list.

Melanie Prince Red Carpet Style terminator genisys Getting Red Carpet Ready for Terminator Genisys Premiere MelaniePrince RedCarpetStyle

Fashion Board for Melanie

Can you guess what my family is wearing? Stay tuned for all the details from the event and to see what looks Spencer, Payton and Bryant chose. There will be a live feed from the red carpet that can be streamed from the Internet. See if you can spot us in the crowd before I can post pictures here. We appreciate you coming along with us on our journey!

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