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June 15, 2014
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The Filming of Terminator Genisys and our BIG move

Bryant Prince with Arnold Schwarzenegger  The Filming of Terminator Genisys and our BIG move Arnold BryantPrince

Bryant with Arnold Schwarzenegger

True to form, the call for Bryant to film Terminator came on the brink of our BIG move. These calls always seem to come at inconvenient times. I spent the final countdown to delivering our youngest on the set of Hallmark’s, Norman Rockwell’s Shuffleton’s Barbershop . At the risk of sounding ungrateful I say; When is it ever a good time, with little to no notice, to totally check out of your normal life, completely revamp a continuously packed schedule, cover all the bases at home, uproot the littles, find a nanny, abandon my teenager or have my husband check out of his thriving business to go to set with our child actor? We are always infinitely thrilled at the remarkable opportunities our kids have had and are willing to do whatever it takes to accommodate a production because let’s face it, they are working with schedules and budgets that we can’t begin to realize, but it isn’t easy.

The “drop everything and go” element involved in a lifestyle like ours requires flexibility in droves. While living in the same house for seven years we amassed an overabundance of things. Not only our effects, but the piles of paper that filled our attic my parents hoarded when they lived with us as the madness of their dementia and Alzheimer’s respectively, set in and anxiety from their inability to discern what to keep and what to discard resulted in an incredible heap. I quickly learned my only option was to meticulously sort through it because stored between holiday ads from years past I discovered essential documents and priceless photographs. It doesn’t help that I am the sentimental type! Our Initial plan was that Spencer would get off the hamster wheel of Provident Retirement Group and head to New Orleans with Bryant so Payton could finish school for the summer. She and I would come out for the remaining weeks of filming with our little girls to relieve him.

Spencer and I simply decided it was worth it to have two leases for the month so we could squeeze a move in when time permitted. When the production schedule shifted, Spencer was able to come home between filming and with the help of friends and Cousin Jerry, load up the contents of our dwelling and empty it at our newer but smaller place just in time to head back out to set with Bryant. Spencer is a major do it yourselfer when it comes to moving and this move more than did him in. It resulted in a major shoulder surgery and he has finally vowed to pay for movers next time. I have such horror stories of cross country moves that I support this future expenditure whole heartedly however I will believe it when I see it.

BryantPrince_CousinIan  The Filming of Terminator Genisys and our BIG move TerminatorBlog2

Bryant and Cousin Ian

Because the production condensed Bryant’s Day Out of Days (a working daily film schedule known by its acronym DOOD) filming so that Bryant would complete his work on Terminator in less time with fewer days of standing by and succinct days for filming. Spencer was able to stay with him for the entire project. I was no longer needed at set and could begin to settle into our new home. I’ve stated before that roots grow from the bottom of my feet so the opportunity to nest was a tremendous win for me. My guys fell in love with the food of New Orleans. Spencer especially liked Jambalaya and they treated Cousin Ian to the New Orleans/Terminator experience. It was such a gift for them to have Ian visit and they certainly had some much needed guy time with daily romps to the gym for basketball. Bryant had a blast filming. It was a pleasure for him to reunite with crew members we loved from filming The Lone Ranger like Harry Lu from Props and Staci from the costume department. Bryant put a lump in Spencer’s throat when he saw Harry on set and ran into his arms like it was Old Home Days. When you are with a crew for just short of a year like we were with The Lone Ranger, one really gets attached. Goodbyes are difficult for team Prince so it was nice to know in this business it really isn’t goodbye but “’til we meet again.”

Bryant Prince Terminator Genisys  The Filming of Terminator Genisys and our BIG move BryantPrince TerminatorFilmSet

Bryant on set with Cousin Ian

The change from moving from one house to another was especially hard on my girls. In the midst of filming, moving and house guests there was a tournament in South Carolina for Bryant’s elite Lacrosse team. We arrived and Neely cried in the hotel room until 2:30 in the morning to go home. She was inconsolable and home wasn’t home anymore. A three month adjustment period ensued. I read everything I could online to make sure her difficulties were normal and learned that uprooting a child is second to the death of a parent and divorce for the stress it puts on children. It wasn’t until I put familiar art and pictures on the walls that Neely emerged from a nap one day and pointed out all of the hanging pieces on the walls and said mom this looks beautiful and really began to feel like our new place is home. For this and many other reasons I am elated Spencer made the sacrifice to go to set. I would have other opportunities and looked forward to the release of Terminator Genisys in 2015.

Straight away when Bryant wrapped we went to Tennessee for our family reunion and he immediately booked the final episode of season two of Under the Dome. Life is busy, but life is good!!!

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  1. Nancy Goe says:

    I am always interested in what is happening with your family. So glad you are moved in and things (I hope) are settling down. I am always interested in Bryant’s movie career. He is very talented!

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