Cast of Characters

We are the Princes

We are a team. We are loyal and each other’s biggest fans and support system. We love each other despite imperfections. We are fair but strong. We are grounded in tradition. We seek out new experiences while focusing on the purposes of life; family, relationships, serving others, learning and God.

Payton Prince

Daughter, Sister, Friend, Actress, Singer, Athlete, Scholar, Equestrian

Payton is very level headed, unassuming and quick-witted. One can't help but feel a sense of respect for and deep connection to her the moment they meet her. She has a quiet strength about her, is determined and calculating. Calculating in a way that makes her an astute planner. She is fun to be with and excels at everything she tries. She is the typical high achieving first-born daughter. Payton loves being in crowds, having deep rooted personal relationships and time alone. She is sentimental, a genius and incredible problem solver. Pay loves sad movies, experiencing new things and like her mother, has a thing for nicknames. She is an avid reader and appreciates a good climbing tree. She is in touch with her inner-child and doesn't mind looking silly if it means a good time for all. I think that's what makes her so diverting. She loves to laugh and is every inch a lady. Payton can be a vault and has mastered the art of sharing only when helpful not hurtful. She is a thriving performer. Most of all she is virtuous and Brave! Payton is loaded with courage! Like her father and lucky for me, she is a snuggle bug and occasionally will still climb up on my lap. Something I hope, when needed, continues into adulthood. I appreciate how she lets me in her world. On my 21st birthday I looked into her eyes for the first time. I could see she was a wise soul but didn’t know then, I was looking into the eyes of my finest friend.
Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good we oft might win by fearing to attempt” Measure for Measure William Shakespeare

Bryant Prince

Son, Brother, Friend, Actor, Singer, Athlete, Scout, Gamer

Bryant is determined and full of heart. He is sensitive and I’ve recently learned, responsible. He is the fairest of them all. Not just because he is a cutie but he has a deep rooted tendency towards fairness. Bryant has a strong sense of right and wrong and although he is not perfect at doing so, he is a natural rule follower and appreciates when those around him do the same. Also courageous, he has an incredible ability to set fear aside to get a job done. We call him bear because he is strong, adorable and fantastic to curl up on the couch with. Bryant is constantly on the go and if not heard from his lips a song can be seen from his every step. Among other talents he is an extremely gifted actor and has a remarkable memory. He loves to laugh, play any sport with a ball and is highly competitive. I love watching Bryant interact with others, especially on set, because he treats them with sincere kindness. Although he is a fun-loving preteen, when he needs to be, he is mature, far beyond his years. When I held him in my arms as a newborn baby, my first and only son, I had a strong impression he would grow up to care for me. I was not surprised a few years ago when this noble little boy said. “Mom, I’m going to take care of you when you are old.”
Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them”
Twelfth Night
William Shakespeare

Neely Prince

Daughter, Sister, Friend, Preschooler

I hope Neely will always continue to dance like no one is watching and sing like no one is listening. Neely is more than intelligent she is contemplative at every level. With our houseful of type “A”s, I thought I knew what a strong willed child was until Neely rocked my world. She was meant to come into my life now, rather than with our big kids, to have a more experienced mother. She shares the family trait of being a cuddle bug and advocates for her baby sister with ferocity. She is Ava’s helpmate and her guardian. At times to her detriment, there has never been a more curious spirit than Neely. She is highly coordinated and capable and loves all interaction with her older sibling’s peers. I love to watch her, with her prolific imagination, enter any and every land of make believe. Her ability to discern a situation is uncanny so good luck getting anything passed her. Our strongest tool in parenting Neely is reason. She never met a stranger and has a wonderful gift of making others belong. She is endearing and brings us joy beyond measure.
Tho she be but little she is fierce” A Midsummer Night’s Dream
William Shakespeare

Ava Prince

Daughter, Sister, Friend

Ava emits love continuously. If she can sense something is out of sorts with me she will hover in a comforting fashion for reassurance that all is well. It’s so fascinating how a one year old can be conscientious. She is tough as nails through the typical toddler tumbles however will burst into tears from hurt feelings. She is sensitive, communicative and determined. It’s so fun to watch her keep up with Neely because she is almost coordinated enough to. For her own safety we hold her back. Prior to having the ability to put words together to form complete expressed thoughts, this precious girl began singing melodious motifs with sounds not words. She shares Neely’s love for dancing and holds her own when Neely takes charge of play time. Ava brings incredible balance to our family, not only with number, age and gender but with the incredible calming effect she has on others. Holding her brings each of us back to complete homeostasis and reminds us to breathe. I always tease that this one was born for me. They all were. They are my greatest teachers and motivation to choose the right.
Love sought is good but given unsought is better” Twelfth Night
William Shakespeare

Spencer Prince

Husband, Father, Son, Brother, Advisor, Friend, Mentor, Student

The perfect balance of humility and confidence. Spencer is a protector. He is loyal, dependable and has a navigational system towards right and good. He is highly principled and extremely forgiving. He is our biggest supporter and never misses an event. You will not see one of our children competing or performing and Spencer not a spectator. His support extends to me as well. He is my biggest motivator and has always allowed me to dream. He and I are the perfect match for parenting because we share the same curiosity for what could happen if every imaginable door is opened to our children. He is hard working and a gifted salesman. Gifted because he believes in the services he provides and has incredible integrity. His clients know he is an honest man from their first encounter. Spencer’s word is his bond. Although he may leave a first impression of a man's man he is a teddy bear at heart. Spencer is sensitive, compassionate and driven. He is the house masseuse and we are lucky because I've never met a more generous man. Did I say handsome? The kids and I are incredibly fortunate to have him. He is human and not without thorns but all of his incredible qualities keep them in proper perspective and looking like the rose of a man he is. Like most couples who are still married, we have made it through some bumpy times. The benefit to this is we feel continuously grateful to have made it through them, have each other, and our family unit intact.
No Legacy is so rich as honesty.” Alls Well that Ends Well William Shakespeare

Melanie Prince

Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Friend, Actress, Teacher, Blogger

Because I am a part of this very special cast, I can’t seem to follow my normal inclination to leave myself off this page. However, rather than describing myself as I have my family members, I have decided to share who I am by listing some of my values and beliefs;
  • I believe in treating others with kindness and as I would like to be treated
  • With very few exceptions hard work pays off
  • My children are my greatest contribution and blessing
  • One should be in the driver seat of one’s own life
  • How well one is at taking personal responsibility for one’s actions is the greatest measuring tool of one’s character
  • One can gain more wisdom from being compassionate, empathetic and conscientious than from being driven, intellectual and successful.
  • I believe in equality
  • I believe in one’s right to choose so long as it doesn’t hurt others or one’s self
  • I’m filled with gratitude for those who have gone before me and for those who have carved out my freedoms.
  • Family comes first
  • I believe in being honest and true
  • We have a morale obligation to help those who are less fortunate
  • I love deep-rooted family traditions. My husband teases me because roots grow out from the bottom of my feet wherever I am. Needless to say change is difficult for me.
  • We can do hard things and we’re stronger than we think we are and we should be gentler with ourselves.
  • “We can learn from others’ mistakes without having to pay the price it cost them.” (Spencer W. Kimball)
  • “Mistakes are wonderful opportunities to learn.” (Jane Nelson)
  • Life is a process. If at first you don’t succeed try try again. Look at failures as temporary setbacks or detours. We can learn a lot from them.
  • We are the sum of our experiences so do it!
  • Actions speak louder than words so do it!
  • Take time to play
  • Keep your word, especially to children.
  • We are such stuff as dreams are made on”
    The Tempest

    William Shakespeare
    We share the same curiousity for what could happen if every imaginable door is opened . . . "

    The possiblities are limitless!