Getting Red Carpet Ready for Terminator Genisys Premiere
June 28, 2015
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January 1, 2016

Terminator Genisys, The Quintessential Hollywood Movie Premiere


Mobs of onlookers lined the streets of an entire Hollywood Boulevard city block, closed off from traffic. They waited along the carpet, grey this time, from the street curb all the way to the entrance of the Dolby Theater, famous for hosting the Oscars. There were people in buildings above us, so long as security allowed. All were there to spot a view of them. A look at legendary actors and larger than life celebrities, the stars; like a beaming light in darkness attracting fans, media, spotlights, cameras and even their peers. Just ahead of us on the “red” carpet was Arnold Schwarzenegger and is long time friend, Sylvester Stallone.

Bryant Prince-Young Kyle Reese-Terminator Genisys terminator genisys Terminator Genisys, The Quintessential Hollywood Movie Premiere BryantPrince TerminatorGenisys

Bryant Prince on the Red Carpet

My first walk down the red carpet with Bryant for, “The Lone Ranger” was an extremely controlled environment. It was held at Disney California Adventure. Fans were placed strategically and deliberately. The hefty cost of admission to the park was a minimum requirement to get close to the event. Also, the details of the Premiere were top secret so it was far from a mob scene. I took it all in but there was so much that was new for me that it was both overwhelming and surreal. I found I didn’t know where to stand to feel like I was out of the way and often we were’t. Bryant recalls his first step onto the red carpet. He felt like he’d arrived. Like he was part of something elite and special. He is.

For the “Terminator Genisys” Premiere, we were met and escorted to the front of the carpet by our friend, Bryant’s LA manager, Liz. She set us up with someone from the post production department to introduce Bryant on the carpet with a sign that had his name and his role. This time I knew what to expect so I told myself to relax and enjoy it. Not to allow myself to feel like I wasn’t standing in the right place or in the way. I mean honestly, every mother knows how incredible their own children are, but how many get to traipse a couple of them down the “red” carpet and show the world? I followed my own advice and owned it. I owned the space I was in after making sure I wasn’t in the way of coarse ;-). Bryant handled his interviews and the spotlight like a pro and thanks to my friend, Seattle designer and stylist, Cori Lynn, we all felt like a million bucks! Bryant wore his seersucker suit pants and vest, with a white dress shirt, brown belt, brown dress shoes, and what has become his signature bow tie.

Melanie Prince and  Payton Prince terminator genisys Terminator Genisys, The Quintessential Hollywood Movie Premiere MelaniePrince PaytonPrince

Melanie and Payton

This time his tie was navy and Carolina blue. He was incredibly stylish and handsome! Payton chose the sheer, lined, white rose brocade, crop blouse and skirt. She had a splash of color in her hot pink, strappy, heels and her tiffany blue, Kate Spade everyday clutch. She was stunning on the carpet. She has an air of grace about her that is both innocent, and far beyond her years. As previously mentioned in my last post, I went with the capped sleeve knee length floral black dress Cori Lynn found for a steel at Nordstrom. I accessorized with the coral clutch she picked and was glad I did. It was easy to carry, looked great and held my essentials. Spencer does Spencer. I warned Cori of this when she started this project. She learned all about his fashion comfort zone and then picked his pieces according to his norms. I loved what she submitted for him. We purchased the grey and morning sky blue tie, on sale, from J.Crew Factory and got his navy suit dry-cleaned.

I promptly left it at home. Yes, that’s right, I was responsible for bringing Spencer’s suit because he was meeting us from a business trip and I left it hanging in the coat closet! It would not have been the “Melanie Prince” traveling circus we are all accustomed to if I’d have remembered the suit. The thing was, I did not realize it until we landed and got settled in our hotel room. I appreciated my brain for not recalling this until that moment so I didn’t have to suffer through worrying about what to do for my entire flight to LAX. It was also another reminder that I desperately need to recognize my limitations and not agree to do more than I can handle. I was beyond slammed getting ready for the trip so to agree to dry clean the Mister’s suit and bring it with me was more than I could deliver on. Despite my lists and carefully planned-out days, I missed it. I was happy to do it but just making sure our four children were ready and cared for, my home and car were cleaned for my friend coming in to care for the little girls, our luggage was packed, the groceries purchased, the trip planned, and countless other things were covered, was really all I could do. The good news is, in an hour, Spencer came out of this mishap with a lovely grey-blue suit he desperately needed, for a steal. We even found a tailor to hem the pants immediately. You have to love LA! He was so incredibly handsome that night! Definitely my Hollywood crush! I’m a lucky girl!

Bryant Prince-Terminator Genisys-Young Kyle Reese terminator genisys Terminator Genisys, The Quintessential Hollywood Movie Premiere BryantPrince TerminatorGenisysPremiere Family

Melanie, Bryant, Payton and Spencer at the premiere

We all had a fabulous time! We loved the film! As it started I gave myself a gentle reminder to remain present and enjoy it and I did! Bryant’s role as Young Kyle Reese was a series of flashbacks that turned out to be a larger part in the film than we realized. We were delighted for him to have such a significant role in the plot. His agent told us, it’s unheard of in this business to have your role turn out larger than you thought. So much gets cut in the editing room while they piece the story together. It was an enormous compliment to Bryant that they used everything they had and at one point were trying to get him in to film more scenes. Because I was not on set with Bryant for filming last summer, I met the director Alan Taylor for the first time, on the carpet. It was a memorable experience to hear how pleased he was with Bryant’s performance and Bryant was tickled pink!

Attending a premiere is much different than merely watching a film at your local theater on opening night because all of the key players who worked tirelessly to create it are present. The limited refreshments are complimentary and there are no previews. It’s assigned seating and there’s a strong security presence every few rows. The audience is welcomed by the executive producer, in this case it was Dave Ellison, who spoke and presented the film. It’s a lot of fun with energy like an engaged live theater audience because, attendees clap for cast and crew as their names appear on the opening credits and also as each leading actor first appears on screen.

When asked about filming with the likes of Jason Clarke, Jai Courtney, and Emilia Clarke, Bryant credits their kindness on set for calming his nerves. He felt a connection with Emilia that comes through and results in genuine moments on screen. And Arnold? Although Bryant’s time on set with the legendary actor was limited, Arnold in the background for their scene together, Bryant appreciated Arnold Schwarzenegger’s attentive nature.

BryantPrince-Terminator Premiere-AfterParty terminator genisys Terminator Genisys, The Quintessential Hollywood Movie Premiere TerminatorGenisys AfterParty BryantPrince

Melanie, Bryant, Payton and Spencer – After Party Photo-Op

After the film, we walked the carpet across and down the street to attend the party at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. With fans still lining the street, law enforcement present, and several checkpoints along the still closed off street to confirm we were invited guests, Bryant locked in on me for small talk to have something to focus on for our stroll. I was happy to be that safe place and oblige him. After we entered the hotel and lined up to go in, a famous YouTube Gamer, Tobuscus, stood behind us in line. Bryant was adorable as this was the first time I’d ever seen him star-struck! That was a highlight for him. Toby snapped a selfie of the two of them and quickly posted a shout-out to him on Instagram. We had a quick bite. There was standing room only unless you were a producer or the like, so we took a lap, gave our thanks to the director, went upstairs for a super fun Terminator Premiere after party photo-op and took our leave. It was 9:00 PM and our party still continued. It was Bryant’s night so we did what he wanted to do. We went swimming as a family complete with a fun and lengthy game of Marco Polo!

BryantPrince-Spencer-Melanie-Payton Prince terminator genisys Terminator Genisys, The Quintessential Hollywood Movie Premiere BryantPrince PaytonPrince

Spencer, Melanie, Bryant and Payton after the After Party

We missed the little girls. After a visit with my mother and a Las Vegas show, we flew home to be greeted by them and Tiffany who swept us off for dinner. After dinner we’d arranged to meet friends of ours at the theater to watch the film again on opening night. Many of our friends and family around the nation watched it opening day as well so it was like a giant celebration! Since my littles are too young to watch the film, I took them to see a movie more age appropriate that played simultaneously. It was lovely to have Bryant’s agent, Terri Dollar and her husband there as well as her right hand woman Julie Ter Avest and her sweet daughters. Also my friend and my children’s acting coach, Estes Tarver was at the screening. I loved that they were able to celebrate their hard work with Bryant this way but more importantly that we were able to publicly thank them in front of of our dear and close circle of friends. Then it was off to ice cream and home for some much needed sleep!

What of the film? “Terminator Genisys” will leave long time franchise loyalists satisfied and wanting more while new audiences will embrace it and look to past installments for “Judgment Day” entertainment until future Terminator projects satisfy their new appetite for the battle between the machines, the human race and the ever-impending Judgement Day!

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